Please abide by our simple COVID rules whilst you are with us, they are for your safety and comfort and are in accordance with Government guidelines and laws.

On Entry

Wear a mask at all times when not sat at a table

Sanitise your hands

For all customers 16 and over you must, either;

  • Scan in with the NHS COVID-19 App, or;
  • Sign in the log provided
  • It is a legal requirement for every individual to either scan or sign, Sorry but refusal to comply will mean no entry to the pub.

For those that have booked, a staff member will show you to your table.

Walks ins are available on a first come basis, but please wait for a member of staff to allocate you a table, thank you.

During your visit with us

Table service only, this applies to both food and drink orders

Remain seated at your allocated table

When using the toilets wear your mask at all times

You may smoke outside in either of the pub gardens but, please refrain from doing so in the vicinity of entrances and exits.

The pool table is not in use and darts is not available, these will return when COVID restrictions are relaxed.

Sport will be shown on TV but the volume has to be set at a background level so singing and chanting is not encouraged

The pub music system will be on but the volume has to be set at a background level so voices do not have to be raised to be heard.

Thank you for your understanding, support and custom, it is really appreciated in these difficult times.